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Default unable to make my FW drive "audio record volume"


I recently upgraded to PT LE 7.4. I'm running a HP Compaq 6710b with 2ghz duo core, 2 G RAM etc and an MBox2 Pro.

When I try to open an old session (created with 7.1 or 6.9 or 6.4) I get this error: "Session must bo on an audio record volume. If permitted, set the volume(s) in question to "R" (record) in the Workspace"

My sessions are all on a external FW drive which ran OK before I upgraded. I have tried to change the permissions to "R" but that tells me that the drive is in the wrong format (FAT).

This never happened before.

I've googled this error and searched on DUC, and have found many references to this problem with macs, but not for PC's.

I've trashed the DAE prefs and the Digidesign databases on all drives but I still get the problem.

Do I really have to re-format my FW drive? If that is the case, then my opinion of Pro Tools, which I have been using and teaching for years, will go from very high to very low.

I don't have another drive with enough space on it to back-up my FW drive, so this process will be a complete pain in the proverbial.


cheers and thanks

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