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Exclamation Re: Zoom H4n Recorder and Pro Tools M-Powered--PLEASE HELP

Thank you, for taking the time to answer. I have tried that, but it seems now, I have a completely un-related problem.

THe only message I get when I open the Hardware window (under the set up tab) is "Hardware controls of this peripheral are handled in its set up application."

I've already taken my entire set up to Guitar center, and some long-time pro tool users took a look. I managed to forget my iLok, so there wasn't much they could do just yet. But they did say that they were absolutely sure my connections should work, which were exactly as you described.

So, I'm still figuring this out.

At this point after several days of not getting past this seemingly simple problem, I'm thinking about just spending 40$ to talk with an Avid rep and have him walk me through a solution..

I haven't yet utilized an ASIO. I downloaded Asio4all near the beginning, but I may have simply not been using it correctly. Unfortunately, I dont think an Avid rep will even offer to help with that.

I totally appreciate a reply. Anything else you can think of? Asio4all didn't seem to straightforward. What would I do after I download it again. I'm a total newbie. Any directions would help. :)
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