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Default Re: Zoom H4n Recorder and Pro Tools M-Powered--PLEASE HELP

I have PT MP9. I am no Pro Tools expert (I use Sonar as my production DAW and I'm learning Pro Tools) but I don't think you will ever get a non Avid/MAudio device to directly work with the MP9 version. If you had the full verion of Pro Tools 9 (or the current 10) it MAY work since they will work with SOME non-proprietary devices but you would still have to have an ASIO driver for the Zoom.

The only way I can see the Zoom recorder working is if you run the Analog (headphone) output from the Zoom to the analog input on the MAudio device. You then record using the MAudio device in Pro Tools. Actually, this is the way I would have to do it with Sonar if I had one of the small "digital" recorders such as the Zoom - the analog output to an analog channel input on my recording interface unit.

If you want to try it with Pro Tools 10, you can download a 30 day trial version, from the Avid web site. I had done this to check Pro Tools compatibility with a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 recording interface unit. The only issue, you would have to uninstall PT MP9 to install the PT10, unless you have a different PC you can install it to for testing.
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