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Default Zoom H4n Recorder and Pro Tools M-Powered--PLEASE HELP

I am a total new-bie to the world of Pro Tools. It's my first-time opening up any DAW application, and I could be missing something really simple here. But, I have thoroughly looked through endless forums/blogs. If you're capable of answering any of this, then you're so far ahead of me and surely you've hit your fair share of brick walls. I so do appreciate the gesture. Please break it down for me as simple as you can. It would make a world of difference.
I have just bought Pro Tools MP9 (M-Powered).

My goal: Use my Zoom H4n Recorder to record live audio into Pro tools MP9. Since M-Powered still requires a physical piece of M-Audio hardware to operate, I ended up buying the Mobile Pre.

My Computer Set-Up: Toshiba Laptop Windows 7 64-bit
Hardware/Software: Pro Tools MP9 (M-Powered); M-Audio's MobilePre; and Zoom H4N

It seems several people have already been able to run their Zoom H4n with Pro Tools 9 successfully. Normally, the Zoom H4n is used as an interface by connecting the USB cable that is accompanied with the H4n. But, I haven't found anyone yet discuss how to set up the Zoom H4n while using the M-powered Pro Tools with an attached Mobile Pre.

Is this even possible? I have successfully set up my Zoom H4n as an interface with the PC via the USB cable. (page 33 of Zoom's instruction manual). The Zoom's screen shows that it's reading the levels.

I understand that in a normal set-up, you have a microphone attached first to your Mobile Pre, but it seems most use the Zoom H4n "as an Audio interface." The manual has said it is compatible and claims it can "record and playback signals directly to and from your DAW software..". And again, I've seen several Pro Tools 9/10 users love it.

Main Problem: When I click in Hardware under the Setup tab, I get a warning message that says: "Hardware controls for this peripheral are handled in its Set-up application". I have no idea where to go with this. It says Mobile Pre in the upper left hand corner, but thats it.

When I click on Playback Engine under the Setup tab, it acknowledges that my current engine is MobilePre. I am not certain, but it seems like with Pro Tools 9 gives you the option to select the Zoom interface instead of the MobilePre. In this case, it doesn't give the option to change the selected MobilePre

Additional Problem: When I open up the Control Panel of the MobilePre, none of the setting are adjustable. They're all just frozen.

My own Brain-stormed Possible Solutions:

* I need to connect my Zoom H4n first into the Mobile Pre via XLR cables? As of now, it's connected thru the USB cable included in the packaging of the Zoom. This was recommended in the manual. If I do need to buy XLR cables, it seems I need to buy a male to male XLR, does that make sense? I am only guessing based on the fact that both sockets look like female. I really don't know what I'm doing there.

*Is Asio4All a possible solution to this problem? As far as I can tell, it's primary purpose is to lessen latency in cheaper-end soundcards that would come in a laptop like mine. But it does this by controlling input/output? So, I vaugely am guessing I could resolve all this just by adjusting the I/O connections in Asio4all.
I have it already installed, but only the Off-line control panel opens up, and I haven't yet figured out what to do with it. Any help there is immensely appreciated.

*As of now, I haven't even bought speakers or a compatible set of headphones. Is this necessary just for a recording?? Would connecting a headphone or pair of monitors solve the problem by itself?

Help! Please! In this case, a little goes a long way.
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