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Default Re: Plugin Windows S6 / Workstation

Originally Posted by creativecontrol View Post
Thanks for verifying. So essentially what’s happening is when you press a function switch on the Process Module - such as Inserts, you have the preference enabled to Attention that specific track. From the Home > Local Options you have the On Attention set to display Pan on your Master Module. Finally, you have the preference enabled to target the Master Module (which will in your case will be displaying Pan) and the section of the S6 that determines which window if any from the Workstation (Pro Tools) to open.

There are many modifications you can make to change these behaviors. The simplest would likely be to disable the Attention from function option - however I won’t presume to know what you’ve dialed in for your workflows. Hope this helps.

Attention Track of Most Recently Selected Surface Function


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Hi Jeff, I have being experimenting with those preferences, selection inserts that I usually don`t use so I don`t get any window just by selecting insert. But every re-start of the S6 (begin of the day) or yesterday after a pro tools crash I got it back to PAN.

Isn't it saved as preference? Is it normal?

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