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Default Re: Avid Control in Mixer mode to follow PT/Surface

Originally Posted by Bob Katz View Post
I hear you. Of course I don't need the touch faders, I'd just like to see the App follow along with PT and the surface. No matter where I put my eyes I want to see the status of things. If my eyes are already on the app screen, for example, I'd like to see the app follow the surface and also PT's mixer. I can also drag the App's screen left and right. Now I can drag PT's mixer left and right using an Apple Bluetooth trackpad, which is just as ergonomic as dragging the table app! So I want all my views to follow.

The manual, which I mentioned in my post, is misleading then, it sure implies that the app will follow along, not just in meter mode.
The great Bob Katz with a rare appearance here! We are not worthy, etc. :)

With that brownnosing out of the way, +1 that it should follow.
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