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Default Re: Pro Tools Collaboration feature is something we'll look back at and laugh....

I'd like to have a standalone Avid Chat app if it needs to be proprietary, just for the reasons mentioned. I travel a lot and would like to collaborate when my iLok isn't with me, but alas, I would need to carry iLok everywhere just for CC. Or if they would allow hard drive iLok auth for PT, that'd be fine too

Just thinking about this the other day. Since PT10 we have had Disc Cache which kind of makes storage performance a moot point, this CC could use that as a cache (probably already does) for streaming to the cloud. So once the project count and storage capacity is good enough, all of the sessions could go into the clould just in case you needed to have some extra help with the project. How great was that? Wouldn't have to worry about session backups locally, assuming you trust the cloud service provider
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