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Default post mix theatre vs music console room

Hi there,

I compose music for productions as well as other post sound services - from foley to 5.1 mix.

I am interested in building a new console room and am looking for some resources to help me figure out the optimal room dimensions.

I notice that most post audio rooms/mix theatres are of a very different dimension/shape - they are more in the shape of a theatre, the speakers are at the front of the room, the console desk is quite far from the screen, etc.

While most music console rooms, the console desk is further to the front of the room and there is often glass rather than a projection screen, etc.

I have also looked at a lot of mastering facilities, and they too seem to be unique in their general dimension.

So my question is, is there a reliable dimension/shape that i should be aiming for that can satisfy all requirements? A room that i can do 5.1 or 7.1 post mixing in (Dolby Certified if possible), as well as optimal for mixing and mastering music? Any references you can suggest?

Thanks everyone!
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