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Default Re: Daisychaining Firewire and TB3

What does Darryl Ramm stand for anyway? Is it a pseudonym; for a team of different people, who pretend they are one entity maybe? You just seem to ‘cherry pick’ specific questions that are easy - and even then - instead of being informative and professional; you come across as condescending and insulting; with your snide remarks and high and mighty attitude (what the hell is the matter with you?).

Do you not know how to get to the ‘bottom of things’ in a certain situation? - I mean you’ve been in this job long enough! - you ought to know what questions to ask to ‘whittle things down.’ for example, MY situation: You knew what I was trying to explain - but you had to be a i- didn’t you? - either that, or you are not suited for this job, it’s one of the two anyway!

In the ‘immortal words’ of your mate, musicman691: ‘’I’m done with you.’’ As well as yourself musicman691!

I think you have answered too many repetitive questions - and have gone ‘stir crazy’ and it is blatantly obvious - by the way you treat people on this forum.

Thanks, but no thanks!
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