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Default Re: Daisychaining Firewire and TB3

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
And how is any of my posts from other threads you are quoting about slow internal drive and fast external SSD relevant to your situation/this thread?

You seen absolutely lost and clueless and not interested in any actual help... and set out to show that to every other person on this forum.
Mr. Leonard is really confused as he posted the above in this thread but if you go there his post isn't there. I only knew about that because had posted in that thread some time back and I got an email notification of his new post in that thread.

I intimated it before in this thread and now I'm sure - we have another larsongs on our hands and that isn't good. I suggest we treat jamesleonard just like we treat larsongs - ignore him and let someone else deal with him.
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