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Default Focusrite 18i8, iMac High Sierra, Midi keyboard

I am setting up a new PT config. I have a Yamaha P-105, iMac Late 2013 running MacOS 10.13.6, and a Focusrite 18i8 2nd gen. I would love a link to step by step instructions that takes me from the MacOS set up for midi connect, through PT setup of hardware and Peripherals, and on to the I/O.

I have found set up vids for various parts but I am still missing a connection somewhere*.

The Focusrite software is installed and the USB connection light on the front indicate the computer knows about it.

I can see the keyboard and IAC in the Audio Midi Setup.

But... I don't get how to hook that to PT and test recording.

All help greatly appreciated.

*As aside, hopefully humorous for some, I got through this on my other system that is currently sidelined due to the Catalina update. This makes me feel like a real Homer Simpson... I just failed to take good notes.
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