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Default Convolution/Room for Post

Dear all,

We have been using Altiverb for a long time, and like it a lot
...and now there is a new excellent convolution reverb out there that may be
even better perhaps: the Waves IR1.
Waves typically do great products and we own and love all their stuff so far...
so I guess there are few reasons why the IR1 will not be in that tradition.
Perhaps the Apple/Emagic Space Designer will work as an AU in the future too, dunno?

We have been shooting spaces for some shows we work on and made our own IRs
for use with ADR in the actual location spaces, like I hear some/many people do in Hollywood...
as well as just sampling weird and cool places...
We have used a startergun...which probably is easier to get on the set here than over in the US..
but sweeping seems to work too in most places.

Any feedback on what you all are using and what works best?
Software-wise in the various stages of the process
Hardware-wise for sampling/IR capture
Surround implications of the above, sampling spaces for 5.1 usage etc.

I am mostly interested in real room/space emulation rather than sampled
Lexicon gear etc.. but if that is your passion, we can talk about that too..,-)

all the best
Janne A.

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