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Default Re: USD & Aardsync II

But there has been one dissenting voice out there that claims that the USD has even lower jitter (Aardsync 40 pico secs, USD 4 pico secs!). Supposedly the USDs specs aren't published (at least not properly) and so he had it measured at Sterling Sound. If this is true than this is incredible, and I can't believe that Digi isn't hyping the s**t out of this.

Ok, it was me. And I'm embarrased to admit that the 4ps measurement was wrong, or at worst, a misunderstanding on my part. I went back to Sterling and the tech there said it was more like 40 or so, and he was using different units which I didn't understand. Anyway, I'm sorry if anyone was misled by my misunderstanding. The reason I didn't retract the statement was that I was waiting for Digidesign to report the spec in another thread, which they never did.

It would be great if someone from the USD team would take a second to tell us, once and for all what the jitter spec is. Its marketed as a low-jitter clock, so how low is it?

Whatever it is, folks who have both boxes rave about the Aardsync, so it must be an improvement, albeit an expensive one. If you set your clock ref to LTC while slaving to analog as some do, you might as well forget the Aardsync, because its out of the loop at that point. But if you resolve your analog machines at all times, then the Aardsync can remain the clock master and you'll get the benefit of its sonic improvements.
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