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Default USD & Aardsync II

I've read a number of posts regarding how wonderful the Aardsync is, how it's clock is features the lowest jitter currently on the market, and that there is a noticable difference in audio quality when slaving your PT rig to it.

Okay - I'm sold.

But there has been one dissenting voice out there that claims that the USD has even lower jitter (Aardsync 40 pico secs, USD 4 pico secs!). Supposedly the USDs specs aren't published (at least not properly) and so he had it measured at Sterling Sound. If this is true than this is incredible, and I can't believe that Digi isn't hyping the s**t out of this.

I have a USD, and I'm wondering if anyone out there has a USD and notices a difference in audio quality when feeding the superclock of the Aardsync to the USD. Is there an improvement, or would I be wasting $2K? I should also mention that I mostly slave to analog decks - I think that makes a difference, no?

Please comment I'm close to a purchase.

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