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Default Re: 002 compared to Command8

The C/8 has no talkback built in. Only monitor output.


So the C8 has no audio inputs nor does it have a talkback.

I have a 002 and a Control 24. Initially, the C8 looked as if it took the footprint from the 002 and some of it's function from the C24. Maybe I was just hoping.
If Digi made an 8 channel control surface that controlled LE and TDM with some of the C24 button functions, talkback, MIDI and mic/line inputs...I would have to have one.
No...don't tell me it's a Pro Control. I'm suggesting another step forward for the 002. How big of a step could it be on Digi's part?
The HUI is very functional and has a talkback built in.
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