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Default Cloud Collaboration Seems fragile.

I've paid for the 10GB cloud collaboration and have been testing it with various projects. Mainly I have been testing with post projects of various sizes and I've found that it works well sometimes, but often the person receiving the project has difficulty. I've had people trying on various versions of Pro Tools from 12.7.1 through 2018.4. Common problems include downloading partial tracks, downloading all tracks, but not all media, Assertion errors, stalling while downloading media. Its been so difficult and unreliable to get a project transferred, it just doesn't seem useable.

On my side, sending a project with Pro Tools 12.7.1 everything seems smooth. its just the recipients that seem to be having troubles.

The latest project I've tried is a 97 minute television show. An AAF from Media composer that was put into a mix template and synced to the cloud.

I would be interested to hear others experience with long projects. If anyone is interested in testing this more, i'd be happy tho try.
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