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Default Auto Join Latch broken with cliff-edge automation

An update on a support case I have with Avid. I wrote to them a while back (and some other DUC members confirmed this):

I'm seeing Pro Tools ignore the Auto Join in Latch mode. It hits a cliff edge volume change and the VCA kicks into latch and *looks* like it's writing the correct automation, but what's coming out of the speakers is wrong. Totally repeatable. Bad bug. PT 2020.5, macOS 10.14.6, Eucon 20.5, Mac Pro 6,1.
Avid confirms that this is reproducible from 2018.1 to 2020.5 (!). Because this bug is so big, I'm sort of surprised there's not more conversation about it. But perhaps that's because the circumstances for it to occur are pretty specific.
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