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Default Re: Control surface : Mix + Virtual Inst control (PT12 HD)

Originally Posted by redmount View Post

what control surface would you recommend for "live" virtual intruments tweaking (Omnisphere 2 for example)...
Was starting, then stopped, considering Novation SL MkII series, until I found that AAX plug ins were not supported...
I would love to find a compact block of faders + rotating knobs + maybe a little keyboard - 2 octaves, to control mixing in PT 12 and have access to VI modulations controls.

Thanks for your help
Something to keep in mind is whether the faders are motorized or not. This makes a difference especially during mixing because if they're not then whenever you move a fader levels will jump to whatever the fader is at at the time. UNLESS the software driver for the controller only makes a level change when the controller fader reaches the point where the fader level is in PT (or whatever daw software you're using. Automap control functioning is a crapshoot at best.
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