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Default Re: iLok Client Install Software Problem

Update 2: Less than 24 hours after e-mailing, I received the following response:

Dear user,

We have just updated the website with a new version of the iLok Client Helper software. This update is for those users who are being asked to install the latest version of the iLok Client Helper even though that step was just taken. In order to take advantage of this update, please log onto your account and then choose the 'Download' link from the navigational bar found on the upper section of Once the updated iLok Client Helper has been downloaded and installed, users experiencing this issue should not experience it any more.

Best regards,

Pace Anti-Piracy Tech Support
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">I downloaded and installed the updated iLok Client Helper. It worked as advertised. Now I can communicate with via OS X. Also, this time my browser settings remained intact.


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