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Default Avid's online store with PT12 & Eleven MKII upgrades

Hey people,

Just to prevent some tears and frustration with the looming deadline. The $199 support plan for PT12 includes a free eleven rack plugin. The Avid store will try and up-sell you with a $49 upgrade to Eleven MKII... which really isn't a bad deal if you ask me.

If you do want the MKII upgrade, you cannot add it to the same cart as the support plan unless you already have another Eleven license in your iLok account. Without an existing Eleven license, you will be presented with an error message stating that an applicable license for upgrade is not present when you try and checkout. It is incredibly vague. It doesn't actually say which license it is referring to - cue the panic about the protools 12 support plan license.

The solution is to buy the PT12 support plan first. Once that transaction is done and you have selected which existing ilok license it is to be applied to (you select it from the same place you download Protools software from in your avid account), you can then go back to the avid store and buy just the MKII plugin upgrade...

Stupid cart.
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