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Default Re: DSP Farm card not recognized in OSX???

YEs there is an older version of the DSP Farm card. It applies for Farms that use the "F" series layout (Serial # starts with F, I would have to open my Mac to check but I believe this is right). There used to be some answerbase notes that eplained the issues with these;

1) Not suitable for I/O in G3 or G4, you will get intermittent clicks and pops
2) Not G3/G4 compatible without the white wire mods.

I got one of these from E-bay a year or so ago and learned. Mine has the white wire mods, but gave me problems as an I/O. I just switched to one of my DSPII cards for that and all has been well (PT 5.1.1, OS9.2.2 Dual 1MHz G4 Quicksilver.

Give Tech support a call and send your card in if needed.

Good Luck
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