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Default Re: PT Ultimate Perpetual License Renewal - give me a reason...

For me, there's only one reason that would be worth it. Unblock more than 32 I/O without Avid audio hardware. I now have 128 I/O in a hybrid mix system (mostly Focusrite Rednet). This is about as Ultimate as it gets, and yet I'd have to spend around $10,000 to get a pair of HDX cards and the necessary Dante-to-Digilink adapter hardware to get that I/O into Pro Tools. Or, I can keep using Cubase with no additional expenditure. Still, I'd rather mix in Pro Tools.

I understand limiting the non-Ultimate version of Pro Tools to 32 I/O, but for those of us that own an Ultimate license, it's crazy to keep the I/O limits the way they are. Yes it would devalue HDX. Good - there's no need for it anymore. Witness the recent voice count increase that couldn't be applied to HDX but could in native software. That hardware artificially limits forward progress.
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