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Default Re: PT Ultimate Perpetual License Renewal - give me a reason...

Well, like an idiot I sprung for renewal using Sweetwater's discount for $339

$60 bucks off the Avid rip-off price of $399. Do I feel less ripped off? Maybe, at least knowing some of the money goes to Sweetwater.

Here's an open letter to Avid and CEO Jeff Rosica.

Dear Sirs:

With due respect, Pro Tools has become an enigma to long-time users like me. On the one hand, it's what we've spent years training ourselves to use, we know Pro Tools, we love Pro Tools. On the other hand, Pro Tools features are sorely lacking compared to other DAWs, yet it's the most expensive DAW software out there.

You've alienated so, so many low to mid market customers with your bloated subscription/yearly licensing fees. You created this ACA organization that is completely out of touch with social media and the internet and forgotten those on the DUC.

You add insult to injury by acquiring loyalty gifts from smaller third party vendors and tacking them on like door prizes to your bloated subscriptions. This isn't real software development.

In short, you need to do more for Pro Tools customers, A LOT MORE. I just reluctantly paid $339 for one more year for PT Ultimate (add another $99 for a PT Standard license for my laptop). Many would call me nuts. I can't tell you the number of people I've talked to this year that have said "Avid, never again." But I pay it because I remain hopeful you will see the light and really put some work and money into making Pro Tools what it should be.

Yeah, I know you'll never read this because it's on the DUC. But if you do, please realize it's time for YOU to STEP UP.

Warmest regards,

Justin Arey
Portland, Oregon
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