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Default Re: PT Ultimate Perpetual License Renewal - give me a reason...

Avid made efforts not to be thrustworthy and have just alienated a lot of clients base. All for 6$ per share and going down. And they will go down with this policies. Instead of expanding user ecosystem by all means (that should be major a goal) and dilute the costs, they shrinked the base and rised the costs. Recipe for disaster in medium/long term. Clients will stay where they are confortable and feel safe. Subscription in that format, without taking in consideration such an aggressive competition, is a joke. They looked at Adobe ? Or Microsoft ? They are truly industry standard, they have penetrated state administration fabric, they can do it because they don't have real competition in this regard and state administration is a huge ship that does not do brutal changes, they are somewhat captive. Avid's clients have a choice. I don't know what kind of board Avid have, but they seem not to have a clue about audio software market and how to harvest it's potential. We'll see, but I predict a not so good future for Avid regarding PT.

One by another, I have Logic, why pay 29.99$/month ?

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