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Default HEAT (Harmonically enhanced Algorithm Technology)


HEAT (Harmonically Enhanced Algorithm Technology) software allows customers to add the realism of vintage analog sound to the Pro Tools(R) mixer via a single global control -- eliminating the time consuming and complex task of managing plug-in changes across multiple tracks and allowing customers to remain focused on the craft of mixing.

Here's the HEAT information page where there's a link to getting the 30 day demo

works with 8.1 or higher, and snow leopard only

Starting on August 18, 2010, HEAT comes bundled with all new Pro Tools HD core systems!
Heat is available to purchase for $495 / 416 / Euro 495

A quick test was showing 60 mono tracks would use about 2 accel chips or 4 non accel chips

The installer is included with the pro tools install package or from your product page in your account.

once installed you activate heat from the "options menu"

to view heat go to the view menu and select heat for the mix window.

to view the master controls for heat go to the far right of the mix window and at the very bottom there's a small left pointing arrow which you click on. or hover the mouse over the far right edge of the mix window till the <|> arrows appear and double click. now the master control will be showing on the far right of the mix window.

on the channel controls you can have it set to "pre" to have it process first in the plugin chain or "post" to have it process as the last plugin in the chain.

The master control obviously affects all the individual channels, plus the master control has a bypass to completely bypass all Heat processing. The green power button turns Heat off completely and transport has to be stopped to turn on/off

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