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Default As a Whole

>What puts them in an exclusive club is the facility as a whole. And the multiple services they >provide.

Yes, this is it. The major facility buys various equipment from various manufacturers to provide services that MID and MOM & POP shops can't provide. In a addition, union type facilities need equipment that is purpose built, flexible, and very reliable.

Hence the ICON will always be seen as a Pro Tools remote by the pro's. Some may be used here and there in the biggest of post facilities, in the last rooms to accomodate overflow, TV mixes etc....
However much of these big facilities in North America have long made the tansition to digital non-linear technology 8 years ago. They have enough dubbers and pro tools systems already, that an ICON is the last thing on their minds.

The world is NOT flat. It is NOT all pro tools, and as a big facility, you must position yourself with flexibility and multiple services. This gives great technical merit to products like SoundMaster, flexible and reliable. Do you think all pro's buy into the silly messages in garbage magazines like POST? Alot of people do, but not all.

It's refreshing to know at least 1 person on this forum can see the bigger picture [Henchman]. You have to see the big picture fellow pro's. Times are a changing!
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