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Default Re: 2019.5 Ultimate on a Mac Pro 5,1

Yeah, the cooling system was not designed for dual 130 WATT processors, for sure.

But your Mac has single cpu socket only? If so, I'd go for the more powerful cpu. The single heatsink is bigger, and you only have 130W to dissipate (as compared to 260W when dual cpu's are used) On 5,1 (i have modified 4,1) is easier to install, chips are cheaper because you do not have to de-lid, and you can always exchange for the lower, even cheaper chip if you find the heat/noise too much.
This should buy you some headroom. There is significant difference with cpu headroom between a 2,4 ghz cpu and 3,46-3,70 (turbo speed) one.

re: 2019.5, i found it much better cpu-wise than 2018.12, under Sierra 10.12.6. I was already pretty happy with 2018.12, but now it seems as finally some optimizations have been done on a very old engine of PT. I can now use very low buffers for playback and it does not affect cpu consumption much. Pretty weird actually ;-) So i can recommend that config.

My GPU is RX 560, as i did not need more powerful 580 (which again, has more TDP than 560 (its about 75W vs 150W) - so, more heat, again) and it's super smooth on both Sierra and Mojave. So you may consider that. The main difference for us sound people is that with 560 you can use only 3 monitors vs more with 580 (is it 5? 6? )

Originally Posted by SDDP View Post
I've actually read a lot lately about not going all out and maxing on 3.46 and going just below to just the lower since they don't run as hot. what a predicament

With 2910 having 384 track one would need the MOST CPU juice possible, but I am in the SFV and it does get EXTREMELY hot out here and my studio gets even hotter and the Mac gets even MORE hotter.

I ordered a RX 580 and should get that in a few days and want to see how much that helps and had planned on upgrading my 2.4 to the 3.46 with 6 x 8GB ram @ 1333GHZ.

But from what you're also saying that might not be the best and go just one step lower on the chips?

BTW I modified a 1,400 BTU dual AC unit (made for a 500 sq' room) to pump cold AC into a partial enclosure of about 9 sq' where the cheesegrater resides.
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