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Default Re: 2019.5 Ultimate on a Mac Pro 5,1

Originally Posted by bartosz idzi View Post
Yes, it is worth it. I upgraded from baseline dual 2,26 GHz Xeon config to 2 x 3,46 X5690 processors and the difference is huge. Even with PT2018 my computer gained a new lease of blood, so to say, BUT! - what you need to consider is - that these most powerful CPU's produce a lot of heat, so your fans may ramp up and the workstation will start to get much noisier than before. You can control your fans and watch temperatures with MacsFanControl software.

The smart compromise is not to get the fastest 130W X5690 xeons, (they are also much more expensive) but slightly lower clocked ones, like for example 95W X5675, they should be much quieter. A lot of useful info here:

Tons of memory are of course good for disk cache. Especially if you use network shares and sound for picture.
I've actually read a lot lately about not going all out and maxing on 3.46 and going just below to just the lower since they don't run as hot. what a predicament

With 2910 having 384 track one would need the MOST CPU juice possible, but I am in the SFV and it does get EXTREMELY hot out here and my studio gets even hotter and the Mac gets even MORE hotter.

I ordered a RX 580 and should get that in a few days and want to see how much that helps and had planned on upgrading my 2.4 to the 3.46 with 6 x 8GB ram @ 1333GHZ.

But from what you're also saying that might not be the best and go just one step lower on the chips?

BTW I modified a 1,400 BTU dual AC unit (made for a 500 sq' room) to pump cold AC into a partial enclosure of about 9 sq' where the cheesegrater resides.
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