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Default Re: PT 8 Wont recognize COmmand 8

The link shown above reroutes to "" which is like dropping a kid off at Grand Central Station and telling him to find his way to Chicago (tells you how much confidence I have in my abilities, lol)...

When I reinstall PT LE 8, the only install options I'm given are shown here
I've installed the 8.0.4 update and the CS2 update. Running Mac OSX 10.5.8 with an MBox 2.
The USB light comes on and the MIDI Out 2 light under it blinks when I start Pro Tools and my tracks play through the monitors running from my MBox 2 monitor outs through the Command 8 but that's it.
Under "Setup > Peripherals" I have the following options and settings:
- MTC Reader and Generator
- MTC Reader Port : "Any"
- MTC Generator Port : "None"
Machine Control
- MIDI Machine Control (Master)
-[checked] Enable : "Command8, Port 1" - ID "127" - Preroll "90" Frames
-MIDI Machine Control Remote (Slave)
-[not checked] Enable : ID "127"
MIDI Controllers
- #1 Type : "Command8" - Receive From : "Cmnd8,Prt 1" - Send To : "Cmnd8,Prt2" - # Ch's : "8"
Ethernet Controllers
-[not checked] Enable
-[not checked] Enable

I can also open the "Digidesign CoreAudio Manager" but the window shows the following:
Digidesign HW : Unsupported Device
Status : Not Connected (HW not found)
Channels : N/A
Attached Clients : 0
Buffer Size : 512
(Buttons at the Bottom)
"HW Setup..." (grayed out)
"Prefs..." Which brings up a window that shows:
- [checked] Hide manager if auto-launched by client
- [checked] Auto-quit manager when last client quits
- [unchecked] Use C|24 stereo routing (L/R to 1/3)
- (grayed out)[unchecked] Use XMON stereo routing (L/R t 1/5)
- (grayed out)[unchecked] Mirror analog outs 1 & 2 to digital outs (002/003)
"Connect" Which does nothing when clicked
"Quit" Which is the only button that works

Also, when I look in the Digidesign folder "Applications>Digidesign>Pro Tools>Controllers" I see a list of .bundle programs for 003, C24, Command8, Control24, Digi002, etc... but when I try to open the Command8.bundle, I get a Mac Dialog Window that says "There is no default application specified to open the document 'Command8.bundle"

That is about all the information I have. Please help.
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