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Default Re: PT24 / NT - Any FAQs or More details on how it works and operate on NT?

My apologies folks. There is a correction from my previous post concerning NT compatibility. The SampleCell Windows card (I referred to it as PCI) will not work on NT (I'm still trying to pull my head out of Mac land). I can tell you that this situation is being addressed. Look for this product this coming January. Sorry it couldn't be sooner but that's all I can devulge at the moment.

That being said, it's not Digi's intention to
port Pro Tools to the NT and leave out supporting features and software found on the mac platform. PT NT *will* be truly cross functional. We have been developing the PT mac platform for almost seven years. Porting it over to NT is a considerable task when you consider the third party plug-in developers, compatibility issues, supporting software and systems, etc.etc. We're not making any
excuses. It will be done. There was considerable pressure not to release it until most if not all the developers had their plug-ins ready and all the peripheral applications and systems were ported. The fact is, what was released is solid, very workable and most of the users wanted to have it in lieu waiting. We know this is not an altogether popular decision, but it's done. The product will be developed right along side PT mac in every respect possible. I'm not a marketing guy. I think everyone here is thrilled that the project turned out as well as it did. It's a HUGE thing for a mac developer to venture whole hog into Wintel land like we did. Anyway, so far so good. there's allot of incentive to press forward with this and stay on it. Your constructive comments are always welcome.

We're working on FAT 32 and NTFS support for NT 5.X. Right now the main reason (NTFS) is not supported is because there is no disk scheduler for NTFS, only for FAT. Therefore, you will not get as good of disk performance with an NTFS drive. This and the fact the bandwidth to work out these issues and test was not available.

Hang in there folks. This is not Session 8 (not that that was bad). This is Pro Tools. Digi's flagship product. Digi is 100% behind it. Your patience is appreciated and your impatience is understandable.

Tom S.
Avid Audio Tech Support
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