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Default Re: PT24 / NT - Any FAQs or More details on how it works and operate on NT?

The situation is strange. I see Digi as two companies - Mac and PC. On the Mac side there is software/hardware company and it not only sells you hardware but is pleased to offer software upgrades as well (Mac Quadra can run PT - imagine 48 tracks on your 486/33mHz!). There is MLCD and LOTS of plug-ins. On the PC side there is company which wants to sell you some hardware and nothing more. You have promices, yes - full-duplex driver for AMIII for instance and wave driver for PT now. AM III is not working with Cubase VST/PC and IS working with VST/Mac. PT/NT has serious shortcomings as I see, and we have promices they'll be fixed. Maybe. But problem is not how PT/NT compare to Session8, but how it compares to Mac platform NOW. Because what you see is what you get and nothing more. IBM Intellistation is more expensive than Mac G3/300 and PT/NT cannot read Session8 .ses info (who can write that if not DIGI?) so PT/NT IS NOT even an upgrade to S8. I feel strange to wait so long and have what I could have 2 years ago.
Sorry for bitter words but that's how I feel myself...
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