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Default Sibelius Rewire-PLEASE HELP I tried all posted suggestions to no avail

I am running Pro Tools 11.3.1 with Sibelius 7.1.3 on a Macbook Pro and I tried to set up a 2013 iMac, both with Yosemite. Previously I was able to link PT and Sib perfectly on the laptop and it was sweet! But, when setting up the new iMac I couldn't get it to work so I went back to my laptop to do a job and POOF it wasn't working there either. I spent three frustrating days of troubleshooting.

I did this:

and all of this, twice:

Someone had posted a similar problem and got this reply:
"But we also know many, likely most problems are caused by user/config/setup mistakes."

So....I wiped and reinstalled the OS on the iMac and plan to reinstall everything.

1. Given the comment made above, how can I avoid making a user/config/setup mistake
2. Does anyone have a suggestion other than the ones I already tried above for fixing it on my laptop without wiping and reinstalling?

I am so frustrated because composing in Sibelius along with tracks is so useful and suddenly my favorite "trick" has been taken away!!!
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