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Default Re: Dante issues with PT's

Originally Posted by freakhouse View Post
Good to hear someone is able to do that switch successfully. thanks

I'm using Dante Via version 1.2.0 - latest version. PT Ultimate 2019.6, High Sierra - I will give the service order a shot so I don't have to turn off wifi although in the past I've tried that and it seems like it "confused" the Dante interface and there were issues. So you use the WIFI on while the Dante is using the hard-wired Ethernet connection? I'm actually remembering now that in the Dante manual it tells you to turn off wi-fi. 99.9% sure I'm remembering that correctly.

I'm opening a ticket with Avid and I will report back what becomes of that.
On my mobile live rig I use DVS with WiFi on all the time and have never had an issue. I set the wifi to the first item on the service order so internet defaults to that and doesn't attempt to connect on the hardwired Dante network. In my studio the rig is only hardwired so I don't use wifi there.

To troubleshoot, maybe try Dante Virtual Soundcard instead of Dante Via? There is a lot more going on in Via.
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