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Default Re: novice needs help.. PT 1st upgrade / missing plugins

thank you.. all the plug ins that I have are aax.. they are in the same plugins folder and reside alongside of the free PT First plugins that came with the PT First download.. however, my aax plugins that I am speaking of will not show up in PT First.. The aax plugins that are in the same folder that came with the download do show up however..

Are you saying that although the plugins I have had and have been using on older PT versions say they are aax that these are not 64 bit aax and, therefore, i cannot use them above PT 10 or...

Since my plugins all show as axx in the avid plugins folder that these can only be the 64bit aax that has been mentioned.. (there are no 32 bit aax?)

which means they should be showing up in PT First and something is wrong?
It's a bit confusing and I hope my questions and lack of understanding clearly are making sense.. and thanks for the help...
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