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Default Reverting an S6?

Long story made short... I have a NFR support auth with my S6 that expires in a few weeks. Itís from a past auth situation. Iím current in the process of renewing my support contract and itís taking time to process with Avid. The one I had has subsequently expired while Iím waiting for my dealer to process my order with Avid. I was advised that the NFR shell in my account would hold me over through this process but itís not working out that way.

My Avid account populated with the S6 19.5 update and I assumed that meant I would be able to use it with the active auth. I decided to take time this weekend to make an alternate DAW OS to see if there was any chance a separate MTRX issue might improve with 2019.5. Upon moving forward with the S6 side of the update Iíve discovered that I canít get a bin file to complete it. Iíve reverted my DAW but now I cant go backwards with my S6!

I have a case open with Avid and theyíve ask for patience while they look into this but Monday is right around the corner and I have some intense broadcast deadlines looming. Has anyone successfully performed an S6 Restore 1.0 install and then returned to a version with their original bin file? Iím concerned that the bin file may be a one time auth file and this wonít help my situation. Iím trying to be proactive and investigate options while I wait to hear back from Avid. Being the weekend nothingís happening quickly and I canít loose all day tomorrow sorting this out.

Any user insights would be helpful. Iím really kicking myself for messing with this. I always maintain a back door with DAW upgrades but it never occurred to me that there might not be one with the S6. I need a fader to perform volume rides... Thanks!
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