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Default Re: Eucon 19.5 update erased my custom soft keys

Probably not. I checked and the new version of Pro Tools calls a new Pro Tools appset softkeys: "Pro Tools 19Mac.xml"

Your custom are still named under 2018 as "Pro Tools 18Mac.xml"

So Eucon isn't pulling up your version since it sees it as a version mis-match to the application in focus. Just go to:
[system drive]\Library\Application Support\Euphonix\UserSets\MC_USER_SET_Root\

In that folder, then duplicate your "Pro Tools 18Mac.xml" and rename the copy "Pro Tools 19Mac.xml". (duplicate to preserve your current -- you could just rename the original if you think that's safe but I like safeties in case I have to go back to an older Pro Tools)

Then click away to a different application so it has focus (if you have Eucon locked to Pro Tools, you'll have to unlock) like Finder and then click back to Pro Tools and it should pull your set back in since now the versions match.

The ones that Eucon updates as "factory" are kept separate in the "DYN_APPSETS" folder (one folder structure up) so there is no chance of copying over a user's set.
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