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Default Re: Kraken - editorís toolkit

Here’s a message from Marc:

Hi Randall and all,

I am the creator of Kraken.

The main functionality as Pete and Ayush have explained is as a super fast rushes/alt searching tool. Kraken tracks via MTC your current timeline position, and knows the content of your edit. As a result, whatever edit you are currently pointed at on your timeline is reflected in Kraken, so any time you need to seek an alt you can tab over to Kraken and can immediately seek in the relevant take, and have all neighbouring takes very quickly available.

The second main function is to assemble from EDL. This part of the functionality is an alternative to Ediload.

So Kraken can live 100% alongside Ediload and Conformalizer, as its main alt-seeking functionality does not exist elsewhere as far as I know. has more info.

I am also delighted to talk on here, via email, or voice chat any time to discuss/demonstrate the program.

A 30 day fully-functioning demo is available on the website.

For now Mac only, but I hope for a PC version as soon as I can make that happen.


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