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Default Re: changing from protools 8 audio only to protools 8 with video support

Originally Posted by nst7 View Post
For non HD Protools, version 8 and earlier had to use the separately purchased DV Toolkit to get timecode and the other features.

Since PT9, these features are now standard in Protools, so you might be better off just upgrading to PT11, assuming your computer is compatible.
thanks for the replies! ...but i do have HD.

DV toolkit (thanks for the proper name for it!) was an option when i first installed pt, but i chose not to the first time around, because i wasn't doing any film work at all at the time. but now i am! i know i know, i just like to run a lean machine. also, for the record, protools 11 is not compatible with 10.5. i can't even install pt 8.1.1, osx 10.5 is stuck at 8.0.5.

ummm, so, since i have HD and should be able to get this for free... how do i do that? sorry if i'm being stupid but i just googled the heck out of dv toolkit, protools 8, dug through the avid pt8 download page(s) etc but didn't find anything useful...
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