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Default changing from protools 8 audio only to protools 8 with video support

hi all!

protools 8 HD, osx 10.5.8, mac pro purchaced around 2008.

when i installed protools on my current system, i was doing music only (no video/post production), so when i installed prottols i installed the non-video version. but, i am now doing scoring for a short film, and wish i'd installed the post/video version.

i'm thinking fixing this could be as simple as reinstalling the most recent update would allow me to choose the "video post production" installation option. is this likely to cause me many headaches if i do it? will it keep all of my plugins? is this actually how i'd go about doing it? i've googled as many wats of asking this question as i could think of, plus dug around on this site and a few other forums, but with no luck so far.

tl;dr: i want to reinstall protools 8, but this time with the video post-production featues. how is this done?
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