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Default UGH! ''DAE can't get audio from drive fast enough.'' Tried many different solutions!

Ok. So basically, PT has been giving me this:

"DAE can't get audio from drive fast enough. Drive may be too slow or fragmented, or a firewire drive could be having trouble due to extra firewire bandwith or CPU upload." (i think its 1093 or something, i dont have it in front of me.

I have a Macbook Pro 2.4 with 3 gig ram. I am using a Digi002R.

I used to have bootcamp with windows XP on it, which I know is dumb. Ran PT 7.4 on it for a while and then this error started popping up about every 30 seconds of recording/playback.

I decided to revamp my computer. Started from scratch, Intalled snow leopard, and PT 8. went smooth for a session or two, and not we're back to the same freaking error!!! Completely different version of PT and completely different OS, but same problem still there. Very weird.

Then I noticed that my old firewire cable had a tare in it. didnt change anything, problem is still there.

Needless to say im at a loss now and i dont know where to go from there... I've had a hard time with that macbook pro. It used to shut down randomly (it stopped when i reinstalled the OS), had to change the hard drive, and ive always had problems with the disc drive. Total lemon, but i really dont have the cash for a new computer so hopefully we'll be able to find a solution here...

let me know!
thanks guys,
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