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Default Re: AVID Website | Pros & Cons | Dedicated to the AVID Web Crew

Originally Posted by kptkarl View Post
How about they just go back to the old site. Remove Digidesign/digi references and use the domain they already own
I dont think that option is up for debate.

I take that what you are saying is that 'in the Pro Tools section of AVID "Copy" the functionality of the old'

Personally, I think that the old digi site was in dire need of an update.

I think, if we all make some nice suggestions towards the new site and stating obviously what is wrong with it... Will lead to a superior result compared to the old digi site and what we have now... At least that is what I hope for... Otherwise, I would not have wasted my time starting these threads and talking to AVID about it...

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