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Default Re: AVID Website | Pros & Cons

Originally Posted by 25ghosts View Post

after having had a long conversation with avids webteam about the cons of the new website, i thought that i'd start a new thread about what we would like and what we dont like about the new site.

I am doing this in the interest of saving time in the future, when looking for information about protools.

I have already described to avid exactly what my gripes were but i am very sure that there are many things that i have not thought of and not yet myself experienced.

So in this thread, perhaps we could try to state in a direct & concise manor what it is that we dont like and what we do like or would like. Examples etc would of course provide the designers with more of an idea of what we mean.

I'll write an email to the person i spoke to and in it make a link to this thread. I guess the more suggestions and more participance we achieve in this thread the faster and better the avid site will be for all of us in,hopefully, the near future.

So -- lets hear it.....
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