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Default Re: Eleven Rack problems...really? Doesn't Avid make it?

Originally Posted by nzl62 View Post
I am having exactly the same issue. PT 8 no prob, upgraded to 9 no it alway defaults to aggregate. I have to unplug and re plug eleven rack to be seen by pro tools then swap playback engine.

This was never an issue in 8 but an constant source of frustration in my life now.

Tried different cables, checked for latest drivers, updated to 9.05

What I dont understand is thet the eleven rack GUI in pro tools still works, the patched change etc, so it is connected. My guess is that aggregate engine is screwed up somehow. So can it be disabled?
Exactly the same issue? The original poster describe several problems. Its better to create a new thread than pile on other problems to somebody else's thread.

The detection of the Eleven Rack to control via the GUI and detection of the interface are two separate things. A quite common cause for this is you have allowed the computer to suspend/sleep when the Eleven Rack is attached. The driver does not support that and will then behave like you describe. Is it possible that this is happening? Maybe you just never noticed it on PT 8? You need to disable sleep and never do things like suspend or close a laptop lid.

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