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Default Re: E.T.A On P.T 9 64bit?

Originally Posted by Dism View Post
If you aren't having problems... I really wouldn't be concerned about it.

Honestly, I think there is a little too much debate about 32bit vs. 64bit EFI on a 64bit OS, since most people don't even know what it even does.

Basically, it comes down to this:

If you install some 32bit software and it ain't working properly, you can try booting the OS in 32bit kernel by holding down 3 and 2 during bootup. However, it is my understanding that only the latest Mac Pros actually default to 64bit kernel on bootup.

So it's most likely the other way around for you. Meaning, to boot into 64bit kernel on a Macbook, hold down 6 and 4 during bootup.
I just ordered my MBP and it arrives tomorrow. I've never booted it. I only have 4GB RAM so I want to make sure I'm operating the optimal way *before* seeing if I'll have problems (or to avoid unknowingly eating too much memory).

Hrmmm, hold 3 and 2 on boot-up. Thanks. I'll confirm with Apple and see if they would recommend booting up like that.

Thanks again,
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