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Default Eucontrol 3.1.2 not working on 10.5.8

So I've tried this on 2 different systems now and it's not working. One is a Macbook Pro Mid 2012 and the other is a Mac Pro Early 2008. They are both on the most recent Mountain Lion 10.8.5. Tried on Pro Tools 10.3.8 and Pro Tools 11 and Logic Pro X. On each one I first installed Eucontrol 3.1.2. I then shut down the computer, connected all cables, turned on the Mac, opened Eucontol and waited for it to stop spinning, turned on the control surface, waited for the eucon logo to go solid, then opened up pro tools. Right when I open up Pro Tools I see that the Artist Control says Pro Tools V10M at the top. I open up a session, open up peripherals and click to turn on Eucon. The computer shows scanning Eucon and finishes, but nothing happens on the Artist Control. It doesn't populate with tracks, give any track names or feedback, and doesn't respond to faders or transport controls or soft keys. In the sofware there is no colored outline on the tracks in the mix window. Same with Logic and the only thing it works with is finder, I can do stuff to a folder! Yay. Please would love some advise here.
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