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Angry Will Pro Tools work with my Xenyx Mixer?

I have the following:
Pro Tools 10.2 (LE I think)
iMac i5 with Mountain Lion
Behringer Xenyx 1622 Mixer
M-Audio BX8 Monitors

I need Pro Tools to work with the mixer but it simply won't work well. When It does work it's very quiet. Here's what I want:

I want to to plug in multiple microphones into my mixer and record those into Pro Tools on individual tracks. Is that possible? If so please treat me like a five-year-old in telling me how to make a the right paths or route this stuff because I've tried all I know how to do. If that's not possible then does that mean that all that goes through the mixer (through USB) into my computer is one sound?

Besides that, the other problem I'm having is the audio I do record (which is very quiet for some reason) is not able to be played back through the USB to the monitors plugged into the mixer. I have the playback engine as Pro Tools Aggregate. Then in midi setup I have the I/O both set to USB audio CODEC.
I can record quiet music into one channel and not even play it back. This is beyond frustrating. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!
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