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Default Re: The Allenstein Quadzilla Machine

hello, your results are quite scary!! i can hit 140 on mine and stay out of the red at the best so far in 24/48k. and 95% and 1024.
And you say it won't boot with only 1 CPU? The manual says it should...

not saying it wont boot with one cpu, but when i had both cpu's installed and i put the ram in dimm slots a_1 and a_2 the system would not completely boot, keyboard would not work, serial port or usb. dont know if that would be different than having only 1 processor physically on the board. after reading the asus book some more, switched the ram in dimm a_2 to dimm a_3 and booted right up.

everything i have checked including the sandra lite software says each cpu is reading as using 1G of ram, not sure if thats what you mean though about installing the ram in the sets of 3 and each cpu getting the same amount of use of the ram thing?? anything i can do to check this for you guys better??

i know it would not make much if any difference, but is it any different at all you using the task manager cpu window and us using the cpu window in PT?????? or maybe you're using it and just not in the shot. i am just stopping when mine cant keep off the red in the pt window.

i did my first tracking session with mine today and it is so nice to have a machine running this well even if it can only run 130 dverbs or can run 400. thank you guys. hope this info helps at least a weeeee little bit.

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