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Default Re: The Allenstein Quadzilla Machine

Don't know whether it's good or bad news, but I just did 220 D-Verbs with cores 3&4 disabled:


What are the odds of the first reported PT quadzilla happening to discover a magic combination with one of the least expensive interfaces?

And you say it won't boot with only 1 CPU? The manual says it should...

Ok here's the full specs (including my rating of each item)

Silverstone LC13 case (desktop, E-ATX) A+
Enermax Liberty 620W PS A+
Asus K8N-DL mobo (fits LC13 perfectly, *does not block 4th 3.5" drive bay*) A++
2x AMD Opteron 270 (dual-core 2.0GHz) A+++
4x 1GB Corsair PC3200 ECC ram (only 3 recognized, 2nd CPU sees SDR) [misconfigured]
80GB Maxtor DMax9 ATA (boot) A
3x 250GB Maxtor DMax10 SATA (two in eSATA case) A++
2x Pioneer DVR-110 DL DVD+-R C! [picky about media]
Radeon X550 128MB PCI-E C [doesn't play video, too lazy to fix drivers etc]
Radeon 7000 64MB PCI A+
3x Viewsonic VA702b 17" LCD B- [don't buy without zero-dead-pixel guarantee, I got lucky]

M-Audio Audiophile 192 A++
Protools M-Powered 7.0 A++

I should also point out the built-in Firewire controller on the K8N-DL seems super-solid. I've recorded 24 tracks of 24/88.2 simultaneously using a pair of Echo Audiofire 12's (using the lame included Mackie Traktion software) daisy-chained off the one port and it's been smooth sailing, even in live settings recording for over an hour.

So I wonder if M-Audio hardware offers more plug-ins on other rigs, single or dual cores. And it begs the question does other software yield my kind of results or yours? I've also posted a request for Quad G5 D-Verb tests to the Mac forum, they think I'm trolling...
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