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Default Re: The Allenstein Quadzilla Machine

Asus k8n-dl motherboard *
2 opteron 270 dual cpu's

So far this is the same as mine

2G of Corsair CM72SD1024RLP-3200 (1024MB Registered DDR400, 2 Ranks)
The Ram must be in Dimm slots a_1 and a_3 if only using 2 sticks of ram.

Ram for this mobo must be installed in sets of *3* when two CPU's are installed. And if only 3 are installed CPU 2 only sees single-data-rate ram, i.e. 1/2 the potential of the ram bus. In your case, both CPU's must be seeing SDR ram. I'm surprised your rig works at all! The appropriate configuration for audio is 6x 512MB PC3200 ECC registered buffered ram. I've got 4x 1GB installed, but only 3 are recognized, and CPU 2 sees SDR.

Highly recomend not experimenting with power supplies. Both the Tyan and the Asus take an 8 Pin 12V conn. which the selection for these seems small at the moment. Yes i found this out the hard way.

When should you get experimental with power supplies?! I use a 620W Enermax, no probs, nice and quiet.

002 Rack and PT V7.1 cs6, got 139 on the D-Verb Test and 24/48K

Something's rotten in Denmark there, you should be getting at least 150 based on Shane's results with a pair of 1.8GHz 265's (your 270's are 2.0GHz). Did you set the max CPU to 95%?

I dont use any pci cards except the video card. This board does not seem like it will sit many card comfortably, maybe 1 more full size PCI comfortably. The video card eats into the slot next to it and not sure if you could fit one in there, it would be very iffy, then the slot after it will fit one fine.

I've got a Radeon X550 PCI-E, Radeon 7000 PCI, and my PT interface is an M-Audio Audiophile 192 (PCI). I'm getting 440 D-Verbs at 24/48, so we can safely rule out PCI bus issues!

The M-Audio PCI interface factoring into my scores may have merit after all Shane...

Here's a relatively quick test we could both do to make things (relatively) even:

- Pull CPU 2, 1GB ram DIMM in A1 and A2 (I have Corsair as well)

Then the only substantial differences are the interface and maybe the video card. If I can do 220 D-Verbs and you can only do 70, then we've narrowed it down considerably. I'll set it up now...

(man this rig better still do 440 when I put it back together.....)

Thanks for posting!
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