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Default Issues with recording MIDI - please help

So I'm trying to record MIDI with my mouse (using it manually to click on notes) and with my MIDI keyboard and neither are working. They used to work as of the other week but for some reason they now suddenly stopped working. So this is how it used to work...
1) I create a new Audio track and a MIDI track.
2) Put in the appropriate plugin and change to appropriate channel in the plugin on audio track..
3)On MIDI track, I change the MIDI output selector to appropriate MIDI channel.
4. I play a few notes via my piano or with my mouse in the plugin and the Audio Track lights up but the MIDI track does not (it use to). I do hear the sound from my playing the notes however.
5) Then of course when I click the Record button for the Audio track and MIDI tracks and then the master record button, I see the recording line for the Audio track but nothing for the MIDI track like I used to. When I stop the recording nothing populates of course for the MIDI track and the Audio track is blank.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I looked in my Pro Tools manual and found nothing for this issue at all. It's odd that it used to work but now not having any luck and holding me up from my recordings.
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